Monday, October 29, 2007

Scott Boras is an Idiot

Okay, so that's not news. But Boras did make some news over the weekend by announcing (to no one's surprise) that A-Rod has opted out of his contract with the Yankees. But that's not why Boras is an idiot. In fact, I've been in favor of getting A-Rod out of town since last year's playoff meltdown. It's just that even when doing the right thing, Boras comes off as an ass.

As we all know, A-Rod had until 10 days past the World Series to make his call. So Boras makes the announcement last night during the World Series. His rationale? (And believe me, it's Boras' rationale; A-Rod is just along for the ride.) With the identity of the Yankee manager and the contract statuses of Rivera, Posada and Pettitte still undetermined, there were simply too many question marks in Yankee-land:

"Alex's decision was one based on not knowing what his closer, his catcher and one of his statured pitchers was going to do. He really didn't want to make any decisions until he knew what they were doing."
Umm, so let me see if I'm following this. A-Rod doesn't want to make any decisions until he knows what the Yankees are doing. So he makes the decision to leave the Yankees. Ten days earlier than needed. Right. Thanks, Scott.

Of course, this whole charade makes it that much easier to part ways with Mr. O-fer-tober. Not that I needed convincing, but there were plenty of folks who thought A-Rod should stay, no matter the cost. Instead, we're left with all his empty pronouncements, including this gem, from not even a month ago:

"I've always said it: I love New York. For me, as a player, to come full circle in New York, it's the most comfortable I've felt. Hopefully, things work out."
Well, Alex, when you're content to let your ego-maniacal agent pull all the strings, you pretty much know how this one is going to "work out". Good night, good luck, and good riddance.

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