Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Housecleaning in the Bronx

Here’s a question: if King George doesn’t threaten Joe Torre’s job, are we all still sitting here today wringing our hands, pleading for another go-round for good ol’ Joe? All sentiment aside – and really, what is the defense for keeping Torre other than that? – shouldn’t someone be held accountable for “leading” the world’s most expensive collection of baseball talent to three straight first-round losses? Coaches have been fired for less.

And if you’re one of those who believe that it’s the players who play the game – and who can argue with that? – then what role, exactly, does a manager play? Shouldn’t the man in charge of a $200 million roster get more out of his players than Torre has gotten in the last three years? The last seven years?

Joe Torre has cemented his place in Yankees’ history. No one can ever take that away. There will be a Joe Torre day at the Stadium, probably sometime soon. But today it’s time for a change.

And speaking of changes, the manager won’t be the only one. First and foremost: so long, A-Rod. As Mr. O-fer-tober has proven at every stop he’s made, you don’t need the best player in baseball to win a championship. Would the Yankees have made the playoffs this year without his offense? Probably not. Does it matter now? Not by a long shot. I know the Yankees don’t have a budget like other teams, but can you imagine to how much better use the Yanks can put that $30 million than tie it up in a ridiculous contract for A-Rod? For a third of that money they could sign Mike Lowell and use the rest to shore up the pitching staff.

Ah, yes, the pitching. Never has so much been spent on so little. Igawa. Pavano. Farnsworth. Mussina. Clemens. Good riddance, all. Unfortunately, among the ones they should keep, Chin Mien Wang is not a #1 pitcher. The Indians made that perfectly clear. But I’d have no problem with him as the #2. Andy Pettitte pitched well enough in spurts to be invited back as the #4 starter. Between them I’d stick Phil Hughes, and maybe throw Ian Kennedy at the back. Of course, that leaves a rather gaping hole at the top. But that’s why we have George. And his money. Grab that broom and have at it, Boss...

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