Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hanging Chad

Finally, it looks like the Chad Pennington Era has come to an end. Please don't start about how Kellen Clemens looked even worse, or that he didn't look ready, etc. The bottom line is that the future for the Jets starts now. 2007 is but a memory; it's all about 2008.

Barring injury, Pennington shouldn't take another snap in a Jets' uniform. He's proven, time and again, that his days as an NFL signal-caller are no longer. Regardless of what Clemens does from here on out, he needs to play. Clemens should take the reps with the first team all week. Sure, he'll make his share of mistakes, but there's nothing that gets you prepared to play quarterback in the NFL better than actually playing QB in the NFL. The Jets need to know now if Clemens is the real deal. A half a season at the helm should tell them just that.

And even if Clemens proves to be no better than Pennington, at least the Jets will know. Besides, if Clemens plays poorly, the Jets, more than likely, are going to continue to lose. And with losing, comes a pretty good shot of landing a brand new stud QB in the upcoming draft.

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