Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Beat Goes On

The reality of the situation is this: I rarely, if ever, watch an NBA game that doesn't have the Knicks playing. And the Knicks have been so bad for so long, I could barely stomach watching them play. So now that LeBron is in Miami, it's not like my viewing habits are going to change. I can't not watch the Heat any less than I already didn't watch the Heat.

As for the Knicks, I might -- might -- watch them play to see how Amare and the rest of the lesser assembled pieces are getting along. But chances are, my lack of interest will ultimately prevail. Until next summer, that is, when the Knicks will have the opportunity to be stood up by Carmelo Anthony.

Let's Go Rangers!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Miami? Really?

Here's hoping that the sheer mass of egos now concentrated in South Beach causes the American Airlines Arena to implode.

Fuck off, LeBron.

Yeah, that about does it.