Monday, November 14, 2011

NBA Breakdown -- but not the good kind

So the NBA players and owners have taken one step closer to doomsday. Or, at least that's what the players seem to be implying. Now I understand that the players are only trying to protect their livelihoods. And that an offer accepted now will impact the salaries that players can receive for the indefinite future. It's fair not to accept an offer that wouldn't be good in the long term just to solve a short-term problem.

That said, as we fans sit in our under-valued homes, cashing our meager paychecks, and simply trying to make ends meet, it rings rather hollow to hear NBA players talk about getting their "fair share". Being paid $10 million a year instead of $15 million is a problem we'd all like to have. The battle between the greedy owners and slightly less greedy players -- who, by the way, are all vying for a chance to divvy up our money -- isn't making either side any friends.

The bright side, though, might be seen in the revitalized NHL. They cancelled a season when the owners determined that old model of business just wasn't working. The league -- both for owners and players -- has emerged healthier than ever. Sure, it didn't hurt that the under-employed players were willing to back off on a few demands in order to work again. But being paid millions to play a kid's game seems like a good deal, regardless of the conditions.

If a forfeit of the 2011-12 NBA season is what it will take to put the NBA on solid footing, then I don't see anyone in the cheap seats that are going to stand in their way. See you in 2012, guys!

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