Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rocket Fuel?

We all know Barry Bonds is the poster boy for steroid abuse in baseball. Yet how is it that Roger Clemens consistently gets a free pass in the steroids debate? Has anyone noticed that he's a 45-year old power pitcher? That doesn’t send up any red flags?

I love how everyone dismisses Clemens as a user by saying "He's a workout warrior." HELLO! Who do they think are using all that stuff? Do they think players just inject steroids and become magically muscular overnight? Without the work, steroids won't do a damn thing. It’s these very “workout warriors” whom steroids benefit the most by aiding the body in rapidly repairing itself.

Also, as a player without a contract every year -- and ostensibly retired -- Clemens isn't subject to off-season drug testing. In fact, he can "train" however he likes and wait until it all passes through his system before he rejoins the league. Talk about a "competitive advantage"!

Perhaps, though, it’s all finally catching up with him. Clemens follows a solid outing by getting cuffed around by the likes of the D-Rays. Hamstrings, groins, elbows, menstrual cramps: too many starts missed from too many ailments in just half a season. Simply put, forty-plus players off their cycles shouldn't be counted on for too much consistency. Maybe we'll all get lucky and 2007 will be end of the road for that fat, bloated mercenary and his never-ending career. Good riddance.

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